Say What Ricky Williams Does Not Buy Into Concussions

Since Roger Goodell took over as NFL commissioner, the league has placed a focus on concussions suffered by players. From enacting a new concussion policy to introducing hefty fine for helmet-to-helmet contact, the NFL has made it clear that increasing player safety is the most important thing on their agenda.One would think the players would be elated to know that their league was doing something to maintain their well-being beyond the playing field. But then, former NFL running back Ricky Williams is not most players.“I don’t buy it,” he said. “I’m only speaking from my personal experience, and because I’ve never allowed myself to buy it, and I haven’t been affected. And yes, I’m aware that football is a rough sport, but instead of saying, ‘Oh, I’m doomed to brain trauma,” I said, ‘What can I do about this?’“I’m not a really big fan of the way the NFL is handling concussions,” Williams added while discussing concussions with ESPN’s Dan LeBatard. “Maybe I’m stupid or whatever, but to me if I got a concussion, if I could see straight and I could carry a football then I’m not telling anybody.“From what I’ve seen, [the NFL is] all about prevention—but can you prevent a concussion? They don’t believe they can actually treat a concussion.”The recent suicide of San Diego Chargers legend Junior Seau has added momentum to the belief that there is a correlation between the head trauma football players suffer during their careers and health problems once they hang up their cleats for good.When asked about this connection Williams, who amassed more than 10,000 yards in 11 seasons with a punishing running style, pointed to the fact that players are aware of the strain professional football puts on the body.Said Williams: “If we’re going to spend six months brutalizing our bodies, I said,  That makes sense. I’m going to spend six months taking care of my body.’ I started to equip myself with tools. I started practicing yoga, and I started learning some hands-on healing stuff. I found really good chiropractors and massage therapists, and I found that I was able to peel off layers of trauma on my body. I actually move better now than I did [when I played].”Williams added that the league’s money would be better spent on improved health care and alternative healing. He said that science in the future will ultimately reinforce his beliefs, and he pointed out that in hindsight, scientists of centuries ago got their fair share of things incorrect.But Williams did admit: “Ten years from now, I might be completely walking on the street, scratching my head and yelling out profanities, but right now, I feel fine. I don’t even feel a little bit of the effects of playing football.”Yeah, right. read more

Jamaica Erupts in Celebration Over Usain Bolts Victory

The streets of Kingston, Jamaica were lined with people draped in the national colors of green, black and gold as their Olympic hero Usain Bolt crossed the finish line to once again claim the title of the world’s fastest man.The victory came on the eve of Jamaica’s Independence Day, which led to the nation’s festive air as dozens of street dances were already being held in towns across the island.The world’s fastest man did some celebrating of his own last night, posting a photo on twitter around 3 a.m. with three members of the Swedish handball team and the caption ‘A gaza we say hmmm mmm.’A Swedish newspaper reported that Jamina Roberts, Ulrika Agren and Isabella Gullden spent an hour-and-a-half in the superstar’s Olympic Village bedroom. The three Swedes stopped Bolt’s coach and asked for his accreditation so they could go and congratulate the sprinter.The late night rendezvous with Bolt could be seen as the highlight of their Olympic trip as the Swedish team lost all five of their matches, finishing at the bottom of their group in handball.celebration in Bolt’s roomWhile Bolt was celebrating in the Olympic Village, Jamaicans all over the world were celebrating his historic accomplishment. The island itself was already in a state of celebration, but Bolt’s victory gave them even more of a reason to celebrate.Thousands took to the streets grabbing everything from pots and pans to beer crates and using them as improvised instruments. Fans across the world could be seen mimicking his now infamous “lighting bolt” celebration pose.When asked if the victory was sweeter because of its timing Bolt keep the focus on him, saying, “The reason it’s sweeter is because a lot of guys doubted me so I had to show the world I am the greatest.”On August 6, 1962 Jamaica gained its independence from Great Britain after rejecting a referendum on whether to join the Federation of the West Indies in 1961. read more

The Shocking Descent of Former Falcon Jamal Anderson is

During the glory days of the Atlanta Falcons, which amounts to a single year, the heart of the team was Jamal Anderson. The running back carried the ball more in the 1999 Super Bowl season more than any player in NFL history and led the league in rushing. He was good-looking and smart, funny and engaging, articulate and insightful.He came from a strong family. His father provided security for Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard and Michael Jackson, among many others. Celebrities were his friends as a kid, all inspiring him to make something of himself, he said. And Anderson did. Until a torn ACL sidetracked his career, he was an NFL star. After his career, Anderson held several television jobs as a host or analyst.All that makes his pattern of arrests for drugs and driving under the influence almost staggering. Three weeks ago, on Nov. 21, Anderson was stopped on Interstate 85 near Atlanta in the early-morning hours, his car running, passed out. A Georgia State Trooper came upon his vehicle.“I asked Anderson why he was stopped in the middle of the interstate, noting that it was extremely dangerous and asked him if he was trying to hurt himself,” the trooper said in the police report, acquired by The Atlanta Journal Constitution. “He stated that he wasn’t trying to hurt himself and didn’t really have a good explanation as to why he had parked in the middle of the interstate.”Anderson admitted to troopers that he had been drinking. But he refused to take a field sobriety test. He was arrested, charged with DUI and improper stopping in the roadway and booked into a local jail.This would not be as disturbing if this were Anderson’s first case of driving while drinking. It, in fact, was the second time he had been arrested for driving while drinking and stopping his car in the middle of a highway. Anderson pleaded guilty to reckless driving in 2012 when he was found drunk in his car on Interstate 285 outside of Atlanta. His sentence included a fine, probation and court-mandated attendance at a drunk driving impact panel. That, apparently, was not enough of a deterrent.But that’s not it. In February 2009, Anderson was charged with cocaine and marijuana possession after an off-duty officer said he saw the ex-star snorting cocaine off the back of a toilet at a bar in Atlanta. Somehow, those charges were later dismissed.This run of legal troubles did not seem to fit Anderson’s profile and is hard to fathom by anyone who has spent time around him. Hardly has there been a player who was more well-liked, who was more confident and eloquent at expressing himself. A product of Los Angeles, Anderson starred at the University of Utah in college.When he finally got his chance with the Falcons, he took advantage of it and became the king of the city. He executed the “Dirty Bird” dance on the platform in Minneapolis when they upset the Vikings to advance to the Super Bowl for the first time in franchise history. He was the darling of Atlanta.“One of the most likable people you’d ever meet,” former coach Dan Reeves has said of Anderson.Post-NFL life has been a struggle for many former athletes, but Anderson’s fall could not have been forecast. He was seemingly too smart, too together, for this. In 2013, he lost his six-bedroom home with a guest house to foreclosure. He recently paid off a $1-million tax lien.Not sure what will come of Anderson’s latest arrest. If he’s as fortunate as Olympic record-breaking swimmer Michael Phelps, he will get another try. Phelps pleaded guilty to a second DUI and today was granted a one-year suspended sentence and no jail time.  But based on his recent history, it is hard to think Anderson’s mug shot will not be plastered all over the Internet again in the near future. Sad, that. read more

LeBron Cant Do It All Alone

It’s been the better part of a decade since the early weeks of November could signal crisis for a LeBron James team. His Cleveland Cavaliers have been a mess at 5-6, 10th in the East, including a loss Sunday to the now 2-9 Atlanta Hawks, but it’s hard to drum up much genuine concern given the team’s history of getting its act together just in time for the postseason. It’s especially tough to make any proclamations until guard Isaiah Thomas, who was acquired in the Kyrie Irving trade, returns from a hip injury, and we find out how much he’ll be able to contribute.A 124-119 win Tuesday over the Milwaukee Bucks — playing without newly acquired Eric Bledsoe — stanched the bleeding, for now. But issues remain, some predictable and some less so, and the early season has left some clues about what the team will need from Thomas and the rest of the roster in order to get back on track.The Cavs aren’t rebounding (16th overall rebound rate, 14th on the defensive glass), aren’t defending (dead last in defensive efficiency), and aren’t doing much moving whatsoever (23rd in both average movement speed and average distance traveled). Which is to say, they have all the outward appearances of a team mailing it in during November knowing full well it can turn on the jets when it needs them. So maybe it will all fall into place come spring? But there’s one complicating factor for the Cavs-aren’t-trying explanation: LeBron has been as good as he’s ever been these first 11 games — and the surrounding cast has been unable to capitalize.James has been remarkable this season, even by his standards. He’s shooting 65.7 percent on 2-pointers, including 80 percent within 3 feet of the rim. That’s enough to give him a career-best true shooting percentage of 67.3 percent even though he’s drawing fouls at a career-worst rate. And not only is James scoring efficiently himself, but he’s assisting on 45.8 percent of his teammates’ field goals when he’s on the floor, another career high.Over the past three seasons, James has improved his teammates’ shots at a tremendous rate by leveraging his practically unstoppable drive-and-kick game into high-value opportunities for himself and others. According to data from Second Spectrum, the average shot off of a LeBron pass from 2014-15 to 2016-17 would have been converted at a rate of 55.9 effective field goal percent by an average player. The Cavs had a 60 percent eFG on those shots, meaning they turned good shots into great ones.Based on shot location and distance, defender location and other variables, we would expect the average player to shoot 55.5 percent eFG on James’s passes this year — functionally the same as the last three seasons. But the team is converting them at a rate of just 56.6 percent eFG.It’s not hard to pin down what is happening. A season ago, the shooters James passed to the most were Kevin Love, Channing Frye, Kyrie Irving, J.R. Smith and late-season addition Kyle Korver. Each took those passes and added value to them — Korver was the standout with a 69 percent eFG when LeBron passed to him, but Love, Smith and Frye all had big positive effects. This season, that hasn’t really been the case: Channing Frye56.666.4+9.862.750.0-12.7 Every Cavalier but Korver is struggling to shoot off the catch from James. They’re struggling in general, shooting just 48.8 percent eFG1Last season that was 57.9 percent eFG. on all catch-and-shoot plays as a team, but the James drive-and-kick engine sputtering out undermines the team’s best go-to move. The good news is that the results aren’t necessarily going to stay this bad. Love is performing only slightly above his expected rate, and Smith is shooting far below his. Both are proven shooters and could easily rebound going forward.But even if those two recover, the team has to be concerned with Jae Crowder, another piece of the Irving trade. The offseason rotation shuffle has caused the bulk of Frye’s shots (as well as Kyrie Irving’s) from last year to be redistributed to Crowder, who has been awful and is less likely to rebound, considering he’s a career 34.5 percent 3-point shooter. The team is also working other players who aren’t 3-point shooters, like Dwyane Wade and Derrick Rose, into the rotation, which was always going to be painful.The point here isn’t that the Cleveland offense is broken — Tuesday’s win launched it from seventh in offensive efficiency to second, and the Cavs can find points when they need them. The problem is, if Cleveland is going to rely on flipping a switch on defense once the playoffs roll around, which it certainly appeared to do a season ago, the offense can’t be merely good: It has to be phenomenal. Maybe Thomas’s return will change how this all works, but for now we’re seeing evidence that LeBron at his best may no longer be enough to float his team to the top of the conference.Check out our latest NBA predictions. SHOOTERQSQACT. EFGQSIQSQACT. EFGQSI The Cavaliers aren’t making their shotsHow well Cleveland players shoot off of passes from LeBron James based on quantified shot quality (qSQ), actual effective field goal percentage and quantified shooter impact (qSI), 2016-17 and 2017-18 Jae Crowder— J.R. Smith54.061.6+7.552.544.4-8.0 2016-172017-18 Kyle Korver51.569.0+17.551.979.4+27.5 Kevin Love54.359.3+ 53.648.4-5.1 “Quantified shot quality” is determined by how likely an average player would be to make a shot given the shot location, shot distance, defender distance and other variables. “Quantified shooter impact” is the quantified shot quality subtracted from the actual eFG.Source: Second Spectrum read more

SMU And Louisville Are Two Of The Best Teams Ever Banned From

2016SMU255+19.65 1991Kentucky226+18.87 Sources:, Daniel Myers, Sports Reference SMU and Louisville are among the best teams to be banned That UNLV squad wasn’t at quite the same level as the version that went 69-6 over the previous two years under the leadership of future NBA talent such as Larry Johnson, Stacey Augmon and Greg Anthony. But its best player was J.R. Rider, a future NBA 20 PPG scorer,1Granted, also a chucker and anti-glue guy. and a few of his teammates had brief stints in the pros. Louisville and SMU, by contrast, each carry only one top-100 NBA prospect apiece — Chinanu Onuaku (No. 56) and Shake Milton (No. 87), respectively — and even those guys are at the fringes of the mock draft universe. (The Cardinals’ fifth-year senior transfers Damion Lee and Trey Lewis may eventually get a shot at the NBA but are by no means locks.) Rick Pitino and Larry Brown can punch weight with the towel-chomping Jerry Tarkanian, but in terms of record, efficiency and roster, the ’92 Rebels were probably the best of the three.Still, it’s a relatively close contest. And let’s emphasize again that two of the top three banned squads in recent memory both hail from the 2015-16 season. In what seems destined to be a wide-open NCAA field this year, the Mustangs and Cardinals could have seized upon that opportunity and produced deep tournament runs. But by running afoul of the NCAA, they’re here instead, hypothetically runnin’ with the ’92 Rebels rather than taking the court against present-day teams in the real-life tourney. Any shining moments for Louisville and Southern Methodist will come and go before the NCAA Tournament begins. Although the Cardinals and Mustangs each rank among the nation’s top 20 teams according to Ken Pomeroy and others, both were barred from the 2016 postseason amid scandal.(SMU’s ban, for academic fraud, came from the NCAA; Louisville banned itself in an attempt to avoid harsher sentencing when the NCAA finishes investigating allegations that the team used strippers and prostitutes in its recruiting efforts.)By the numbers, these are two of the best teams ever to be banished from postseason play. Since the NCAA tourney expanded its field to 64 teams in 1984-85, only one banned team has had a better statistical profile, the 1991-92 Runnin’ Rebels from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. (We used adjusted differential between offensive and defensive Pomeroy ratings for seasons since 2001 and estimated the differential for earlier teams using Daniel Myers’s research on schedule-adjusted historical team ratings.) 2016Louisville238+19.65 1992UNLV262+20.74 2003Georgia198+18.94 YEARTEAMWINSLOSSESRATING read more

As injuries mount secondary struggles against passing game

While the Buckeye victory was never in doubt during the 73-20 rout of Eastern Michigan on Saturday, OSU’s secondary appeared to be a bit suspect. Missing key contributors such as Chimdi Chekwa, C.J. Barnett, Travis Howard and Nate Oliver from the defensive backfield, the silver bullet defense surrendered its highest point total of the season, giving up five completions of 20 yards or more, including touchdown passes of 13 and 32 yards. At times, the Eagles aerial attack exploited the banged up Buckeye secondary. “It’s definitely unacceptable. You don’t want that to happen,” cornerback Devon Torrence said about the numerous big plays surrendered by the secondary. “But those guys are on scholarship, too, and they’re going to make plays, but you don’t want those types of things to happen … so you have to keep working hard and fix whatever happens.” Because of the array of injuries plaguing the defense, youngsters such as redshirt freshmen Corey Brown and Dominic Clarke have been thrust into the mix to help fill the void. And although there might be a learning curve as new guys come in, safety Tyler Moeller said the mistakes in the secondary must be corrected. “When a guy comes out there for the first time and hasn’t been playing with the same people, sometimes those situations occur,” Moeller said. “But I’m not exactly sure what happened. We’ll go to the film room tomorrow and just adjust and improve.” Even with the issues and lack of experience, safety Orhian Johnson said the guys filling in are still perfectly capable of getting the job done. “Our coaches wouldn’t put anyone in a situation they wouldn’t be able to handle,” he said. “So we are expecting those guys to go in there and do the job that they’re expected to do just like if they were a starter.” No matter whose shoulders the defensive deficiencies fall on, one thing remains: There is still plenty of room for improvement. “Obviously we have to get a lot better,” free safety Jermale Hines said. “I think we will with our coaching staff and the players we have around here. I think we will get better.” read more

Kaitlyn Leary puts Ohio State womens volleyball before herself

Senior outside hitter Kaitlyn Leary (11) goes down for a dig during a match against Dabrowa Sept. 4 at St. John Arena. OSU won, 3-2.Credit: Shelby Lum / Photo editorNo matter how many kills she tallies or awards she wins, Kaitlyn Leary would trade it all for the success of her team.Or maybe for a few pairs of shoes.Leary, a senior outside hitter for the No. 13 Ohio State women’s volleyball team, was named Sports Imports/AVCA Division I National Player of the Week Sept. 10 after recording 66 kills to lead her team to the Four Points by Sheraton Seminole Invitational title.The Parma, Ohio, native said she was excited to receive the award, but was happier that the team was successful.“I was honored,” Leary said. “But I’m just happy with the way our team has been playing.”Leary was quick to credit the play of teammates, including junior setter Taylor Sherwin.“I think (Sherwin) has been doing an amazing job putting me in great situations, (putting) everyone in great situations,” she said.Senior defensive specialist Julianne Mandolfo described Leary as “humble.”“You would never know (what she’s accomplished) because she doesn’t really talk about what she’s accomplished,” Mandolfo said. “She’s always about the team.”Even though they may not be the most important things to her, Leary is no stranger to personal accolades.While at Padua Franciscan High School, she was a two-time first team All-Ohio performer in 2008 and 2009, the 2008-2009 district player of the year and a 2008 and 2009 Prep Volleyball All-American.After her senior season in 2009, Leary was selected for the American Volleyball Coaches Association Under Armour All-American squad and won the Wendy’s High School Heisman before being named the 2010 ESPN Rise Magazine Female Athlete of the Year.While her high school career was decorated, Leary has not had as much recognition since arriving in Columbus, at least not until this season.OSU coach Geoff Carlston said the recognition is overdue.“It’s great for her to get the recognition that she gets this year,” he said. “Last year she was really good and she didn’t get any recognition.”Carlston added that he found Leary’s exclusion from the preseason All-Big Ten team “hilarious.”Leary does things the right way, according to her coach, who said he is proud of the way she’s grown.“She’s a great leader and I’m super excited (about) how far she’s come,” Carlston said.Junior outside hitter Erin Sekinger said the team leans on Leary whenever things are not going their way.“We all look towards her when there’s a problem going on the court,” Sekinger said. “If we need somebody to get a point for us, it’s always going to go to Leary.”Sophomore middle blocker Andrea Kacsits said Leary is willing to be the punching bag for her teammates.“She will take the blame for anything,” the sophomore said. “She has the most pressure of anybody on this team and she holds herself with such eloquence.”On the court, Leary leads the Big Ten in kills per set and points. She also has worked on improving her defense this season, according to senior libero Davionna DiSalvatore.“She knew she had to develop more of a defensive role this year and she worked really hard in the offseason,” DiSalvatore said.Leary said she enjoys playing with her teammates, but off the court, they are just as close.“We have a really strong connection,” she said. “I love all of my teammates.”Off the court, Kacsits said Leary is secretly one of the funniest people around.“She’s not super talkative, so when she says something it’s either really funny or really important,” she said.Leary’s humor at times is unexpected, according to Kacsits.“She’s the weirdest jokester ever,” Kacsits said. “Some of the things that come out of her mouth you’re just like ‘did she really just say that?’”Carlston agreed with Kacsits, calling Leary “really hilarious,” but said you have to get to know her in order to find that out.“If you just have one interaction with (Leary), you’re going to get nothing, except that she’s a nice person,” he said.The Buckeye coach said his star attacker is much more outgoing now than when she first came to OSU. He also added how she “loves shoes.”Leary explained that Carlston has asked her to count how many shoes she has, but had not done it yet and could not give an accurate number.“It’s kind of an inside joke with me and (Carlston) because every time I show up, I have a different pair of shoes on and he’s always like ‘new shoes, Leary?’” she said.The senior will have to leave the majority of those shoes behind as her team travels to Buffalo, N.Y., this weekend for the Blue and White Classic.The Buckeyes are scheduled to take on Maryland Eastern Shore Friday at 4:30 p.m. before playing two matches Saturday against Valparaiso at 11 a.m. and Buffalo at 7 p.m.OSU is scheduled to return to Columbus Sept. 27 for a match against Michigan to open Big Ten season play. read more

Baseball Ohio State drops pair of games to Michigan State over weekend

Ohio State redshirt senior outfielder Shea Murray stands in the box against Purdue on April 1, 2017 at Bill Davis Stadium. Credit: Edward Sutelan | Lantern reporterFaced with the challenge of taking on a Michigan State team that ranked in the top two in nearly all statistics this season, the Ohio State baseball team managed to avoid a sweep after dropping the first two games in the series.Despite losing the series to the Spartans, the Buckeyes managed to outscore their opponents 18-16 over the weekend, thanks almost entirely to their 13-8 victory in the final game of the series.Game 1In the lowest scoring game of the Buckeyes’ season, only two runs were scored. Both came early from the Spartans in their 2-0 victory over OSU.The Spartans first came in the bottom of the third inning. With two outs and a runner on first, freshman left fielder Bryce Kelley tripled to right field, scoring the runner from first base and giving MSU the early 1-0 lead.Then, after the Buckeyes went down 1-2-3 in the top half of the fourth inning, the Spartans pounced again with another two-out RBI. This time it was sophomore shortstop Royce Ando who doubled into the left-center field gap to score MSU’s second run of the game from second.Though OSU found little solace in their bats, they were again given a solid outing by the pitching staff. Making only his fifth career start, redshirt junior starting pitcher Yianni Pavlopoulos was able to limit a potent Spartan offense to just two runs off five hits and two walks over five innings of work. The bullpen for the Buckeyes followed Pavlopoulos’ footsteps and kept the game close late, providing three scoreless innings with just two hits and no walks allowed.Game 2Michigan State piled on the runs early after OSU’s starting pitcher had to leave the game with an injury in the first inning, and the Buckeyes were unable to complete the ninth-inning comeback in their 6-5 loss to the Spartans.Redshirt senior starting pitcher Jake Post started the game off with back-to-back strikeouts, but a comebacker to the mound that ricocheted off him and down the left field line (later ruled a double) forced him to exit the game, responsible for the runner on second. That runner on second was driven in by the next batter in the inning; sophomore pitcher Ryan Feltner. A single to the next batter left a pair of runners on for junior first baseman Zack McGuire, who cleared the bases with a three-run home run to give MSU the 4-0 lead.The Buckeyes responded the next half inning when junior first baseman Bo Coolen stepped up to bat with a runner on second in the top of the second inning. Coolen drove a double into the right-center field gap, scoring a run and bringing the score to 4-1. Coolen later scored on another double from freshman second baseman Conner Pohl.A groundout in the top of the third inning off the bat of junior left fielder Noah McGowan drew the Buckeyes to within one with still six innings left to play.The Spartans went scoreless for four innings after their four-run first inning, but they began to add to their lead again in the bottom of the sixth inning. With a runner on first base, redshirt sophomore right fielder Dan Chmielewski lifted MSU’s second homer of the day over the left field wall to give his team the 6-3 lead.The next half inning, the Buckeyes found some power from their own right fielder when freshman Dominic Canzone launched his second-collegiate home run into right to bring his team within two.The ninth inning could not have started any better for OSU. Senior co-captain and shortstop Jalen Washington homered on a 3-2 pitch to lead off the inning, and a double by the next batter put the tying run in scoring position. But back-to-back strikeouts shut down a lot of the momentum, and following a walk to Canzone, the Spartans’ closer struck out the final batter of the inning to slam the door shut on OSU’s potential rally and keep the final score at 6-5.Game 3Needing to avoid the sweep, OSU brought their bats out in full-force and staved off a late Michigan State comeback to win the final game of the series, 13-8.Washington homered in his final at-bat of Saturday’s game, and led off Sunday’s game with the very same. Launching a homer over the left-center field wall, he gave OSU the early 1-0 lead, its first lead of the series. Another run would score in the inning to make it 2-0.The Spartans responded quickly, as a two-run home run from senior second baseman Dan Durkin knotted the game up at two apiece in the bottom half of the first.OSU grabbed the lead again in the top of the second inning off a RBI single from Washington, his second RBI of the day to put his team ahead 3-2. The Buckeyes would not lose the lead again.In the top of the fourth inning with two outs, a single followed up by back-to-back doubles pushed OSU’s lead to 5-2. The top of the fifth was when the Buckeyes seized full control of the game. A single from Pohl led off the inning, and redshirt senior right fielder Shea Murray homered for his first collegiate home run to extend the lead to 7-2. Five more singles in the inning led to three more runs going up on the board for the Buckeyes as they stormed ahead to an 11-2 lead.Trialing now by nine runs, Durkin again stepped up to the plate in the bottom of the sixth inning for the Spartans and crushed his second homer of the day, this time a three-run shot that sparked a potential Spartan comeback.They scored another run in the seventh inning and two more in the eighth, but OSU scored in both the top of the eighth and ninth to seal its 13-8 victory over Michigan State.With two home runs in the series, Washington set a new career-high in home runs with five in his final season of collegiate eligibility. He was the only player on either team with multiple hits in each of the three games played, and overall batted .429 (6-for-14) with three RBI, two runs scored, two home runs and a double in the series.OSU kicks off a nine-game homestand on Wednesday when the team hosts Northern Kentucky, with first pitch scheduled for 6:35 p.m. read more

Football Offensive lineman Kevin Feder transferring from Ohio State

Ohio State redshirt sophomore offensive tackle Kevin Feder warms up prior to the Buckeyes’ 62-14 victory against Maryland on Oct. 7. Credit: Colin Hass-Hill | Sports EditorOhio State appears to be losing one member of its offensive line, with redshirt sophomore Kevin Feder announcing his intention to transfer Thursday.“As of today, I am reopening my recruitment and looking for a place to expand on my football career as well as my academics,” Feder wrote in a statement he posted on Twitter. “I would like to thank Coach [Urban] Meyer, [offensive line] Coach [Greg Studrawa], and the rest of the coaching staff for the opportunity to play at this prestigious university.”He said in the statement he plans to graduate in the spring, which will make him immediately eligible to play at a Division I program in 2018.Onto the Next…— Six (@Kevin_feder) January 11, 2018Feder rarely saw the field in his time with the Buckeyes, having struggled with a foot injury for his first couple years with the program. Feder, a former four-star prospect from New Jersey, has not been listed on the two-deep depth chart since playing for Ohio State and was considered as an outsider to compete for either of the two starting spots open on the offensive line in 2018.Feder’s decision to transfer leaves Ohio State with 85 scholarship players, which is the NCAA limit, when factoring in the 22 incoming freshmen who signed during the Early Signing Period. read more

Gerry Adams approved of the murder of a British spy the BBC

first_imgDenis Donaldson, pictured on the left in 1980, was shot dead in 2006Credit:Pacemaker  The BBC has broadcast claims that Gerry Adams sanctioned the murder of a British security agent at the heart of the IRA.The allegations were made on Northern Ireland’s Spotlight programme, on Tuesday, by an anonymous man who said he was himself a paid agent of the British security services who had infiltrated the IRA.Denis Donaldson, 55, a Sinn Fein official and close colleague of Mr Adams, was shot dead at an isolated cottage near Glenties in Co Donegal, in April 2006.He had admitted the previous year that he had been an MI5 agent for more than two decades. Denis Donaldson was shot at isolated cottage near Glenties in Co DonegalCredit:Paul Faith /PA The murder, which came at a time when the IRA was observing a ceasefire and was in the process of disbanding, threatened to undermine the peace process.The man interviewed by Spotlight claimed the IRA was responsible for the murder and that Mr Adams sanctioned it.Mr Adams, the president of Sinn Fein, categorically denies the claims and has accused British security agents of spreading false allegations. He has now threatened to sue the BBC over the broadcast.Mr Adams said: “That the BBC would broadcast unsubstantiated allegations from an anonymous person, a self-confessed agent, about me, I think it very, very low journalism indeed.” It was the dissident republican group the Real IRA that in 2008 claimed  responsibility for Mr Donaldson’s murder, but the circumstances of his outing as a British agent and subsequent death have remained shrouded in mystery.Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness branded the allegation against his party colleague “total rubbish”.“The fact is the Donaldson family are actually very close to all of us within the leadership of Sinn Fein,” said Mr McGuinness, Stormont’s Deputy First Minister. Dennis Donaldson, pictured on the left in 1980 Dennis Donaldson pictured in 1983 The isolated cottage near Glenties in Co Donegalcenter_img Denis Donaldson pictured in 1983Credit:Pacemaker  “I think the fact that dissident republicans claimed responsibility for this, and it appears for the last 10 years the Garda Siochana in Donegal have been investigating that line of inquiry, I think gives total nonsense to the allegation that was made principally by someone who appears to be a paid agent, and I use the word ‘agent’ in inverted commas.”Mr McGuinness said the documentary lacked credibility and insisted the claims would not damage Sinn Fein. A BBC spokesman said: “The Spotlight programme dealt with matters of great public interest and the BBC stands by its journalism.” Denis Donaldson in 2005 He added: “I’m not reluctant to sue. I have taken a number of cases against various periodicals, I got a number of corrections and apologies from a number of outlets. If my legal advisers tell me I have a case, then I will take a case.”Mr Adams accused British security agents opposed to Sinn Fein’s participation in the Northern Ireland government of being behind the claims.He said: “There are elements within the British system who will never be reconciled with the fact that we have got a peace process and that Sinn Fein are in the leadership of that process, along with others.”Mr Adams added: “I was shocked and surprised when I heard about Denis Donaldson’s murder. The Garda investigation is ongoing; they clearly are following a line that it was dissident republicans.” Denis Donaldson in 2005Credit:Pacemaker  Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more